Today, there are freely available applications, which in the face of changes in the Internet. According to Petr Anek, who teaches business ethics at the University of Economics in Prague, the employer does not involve him for the time being.


Although you can’t find out how to visit the site, you can’t tell me if you don’t need the Internet to work and you’re on it very often.

The fact that vs the internet will deprive me of work is also confirmed by the experience from the Mladá Boleslav codec, which was scandered by the distribution of pornography by company e-mail. The punishment will also invalidate the company’s needs. This year, for example, the town hall in Louny, during those weeks with a special program, carried out what its members do during working hours: those who played cards or viewed pages of ballot boxes exclusively for adults were punished by a reduction in rewards. A similar audit was carried out a few years ago in the Central Bohemian Region – hvvpov then received five edkk.

Correspondence secrets also for e-mails

While surfing the Internet, the company can check arbitrarily, with e-mails, letters, SMS messages and calls from business phones is difficult. “Not only the content of the letter, but also the e-mail first is not subject to the secrecy of the letter. It can even be an SMS. No one shall violate the secrecy of correspondence except in the case and in the manner prescribed by law. According to the end, the employer must have a certain amount of control, ”said lawyer Ji Zeman from the office of Tom Raovsky. The condition is that there must be a so-called reason for such control, as it will damage the company and endanger its interests.

If he feels that you do not take working hours to fulfill your duties or that you are harming him, it is his first thing to do so. “The inspection must not be accidental and the employee must be informed in advance,” explains the lawyer, noting that it is necessary to draw the company’s attention to the possibility of inspections of sweat and telephone calls. “The fact that your company e-mail does not only go to the client’s addresses may be a reason for checking. The possibility of such an inspection is also with telephone lines, the validity of the justification of such an inspection can only be assessed by an impartial court, ”he remarks.