First she played in a band, then she played children and now she takes care of the big ones. The break in the curry paid off. Her honey won the food contest and for a very long time.


The arrest was an attempt to help Dad recover from a car accident in which he was fighting for his hand. He fell into sorrow and advised his daughter, and he bought him a purchase. Psob pr therapeutically, it becomes only twenty. Clarinetist Simona Adamcov decided to give it a try and bought you a garden shelter near the family house in Rokytnek. Today I have 180 of them and I own iv.

What happened to you that you completely reversed the career?

I always knew I didn’t want to live in Prague permanently. But while studying the clarinet at the conservatory, I got caught in the dmsk in the band Viktorka, we went a lot abroad, especially to Germany, we basked in the sun. For some time it satisfied me, but later I honored that it would not be just an ad member of the group, I would enjoy working as a manager. When moreover the music grew out, I thought about the change. And the tragedy in the families brought me the change. I didn’t fall into business all of a sudden. I first worked full time in the people of Nchod and in my free time I took care of the big ones. Less than six years after the arrest, the company is the opposite. And the future of mm connected only with its large farm.

Just so much with a lot of knowledge from the magazine is probably not. Where did you get the necessary information?

On the weekends, on weekends, I visited the Central Weasel University in Nasavrky, which is the only bicycle wagon in Europe, and on the other hand, I learned a lot from the weasel practice from the well-known and well-known Wife of Mr. Kolom from Bruntl. Like many others, he claimed that I would find my way through the trial and error, but she forced herself on him a little on the farm. And for the food and the apartment I was there in a few days you got a tough hard bike. Here I knew that I could enjoy them very much, and I firmly decided to give it a try.

Did you start a business, pensions just rolled, did you get into debt?
I had some composition from a musician. I didn’t want to go into debt, I preferred to develop the business gradually. It is true that I needed a million before I set off to secure a tent, a thermobox and the like. Although it took a turn for me after five years, I invest longer in better machines, most recently in a honeycomb (a machine for a wall of honey). I know that breeding is technologically equal, so that I have the best on the farm.

We are currently completing the reconstruction of the warehouse, where I grow the entire operational area. I also had to buy a ternn car, we have a lot of eight stations, even in the mountain ternn Chrnn landscape area of ​​Broumov region within a radius of 15 kilometers from the warehouse in Rokytnek. I managed to get a contribution from the State Agricultural Investment Fund from the Rural Development Program for business development.

You have a big farm, you are in the company yourself – take care of the big, marketing of the company, as well as the delivery of honey. How do you do that?
I think I can organize in time with what I learned with the band. I work very intensively, I enjoy business. And because it works for me. People come back for honey, I even had to stop the psun large consumer. Two brigds help me with the farm.

The main season is for vs in lt. What for the winter? Can you afford a vacation?

The work is a bit more in the winter, worry about marketing, honey distribution, pemlm, how to glue the farm. I will start building a small honey shop right after the seasons. It’s also creative work, I design labels, propaganda materials and so on. I don’t want to use, but they don’t sleep even in winter, so you need to drink. And take a vacation in the spring, go skiing in the Alps. In autumn, it is also possible for the rest period, it grows in the Czech mountains.

Honey won the Food of the Year 2008 award, what does it mean for vs?

It is a good advertisement, for me it is also confirmed that I am going the right way. I am glad that I was able to establish myself in a relatively short time. Now I managed to get a certificate as a species in the Czech Republic that we produce BIO honey, for other very upbringing quality mothers.

I’m sorry, but you feel like a nice treat for retirees. You are proving that this is not the case. M as a field perspective? What can be done to promote it?
In my opinion, I have a pretty bright future. There is a great demand for honey, and Asia is also limiting production. I am trying to support the consumption of honey, pulp, I go here to the farm excursions. I drove in the Food Court of the Year competition in the cities, where we had tastings. So is the project Promotion of honey consumption, which, in addition to the state and the Czech Union, was involved in the European Union.

Try to get ahead: will Simona Adamcov be a full-blown train in five years?

I hope so. And I’d like to see around me somehow a future. I want to build a family business, but I don’t want to grow breeding in the field, I want to have control over it. We assume that the demand for quality honey will be still.