The company magazine will pay off when its going to entertain employees. There don’t even have to be tracks, the longest thing is a good idea. the magazine does not need a company with a hundred employees. I am able to inform me about you personally. But a company magazine is not just about information, it should also be deprived.


The magazine is a convenient means of communication within the company. Thanks to them, it is possible to inform about changes, employee employees and possibly strengthen corporate culture and relationships. “In order not to linger on it, it is important to know what you want to tell your employees, how to use it and how to serve it,” advises Pavel Brabec, President of the Association of Czech Advertising Agencies and Marketing Marketing (ARA).

Komu se vyplat?

The company magazine does not make sense for a company with about a hundred employees. Because it is kept to inform me about changes at meetings and birthday requests to each of them personally. Everyone can then meet you on the outside.

In companies with a thousand employees, on the other hand, there is no better means of communication than the first magazine. I only go out a week, but you also have a twelve. But you have to clear the cl. Should I strengthen the relationship between employees and the corporate spirit, or inform more about the company’s policy and events in the field, in which do you do business?

You seem to be able to choose, but the bank’s employees will be tempted by other darkness than you working in a hypermarket. According to Pavel Brabec, it is always worthwhile to find out what employees are interested in and what they would like to say. For example, while RWE focuses on news and trends in the field of energy and gas industry in Team pedevm magazine, dm + Plus, published by etzcem drogeri, is much more graceful for the family.

How asopis vyut?

In the magazine, the company shows not only that it prospers, but also what is considered and how values ​​are considered paramount. That’s why I am a good advertising magazine. “The company has made it clear that I will take my employees badly. It shows that he is willing to invest in them, which is a great sign for the competition, ”to Pavel Brabec.

The magazine is also able to send ties with business partners. As an example, mention the company letter of the chain of houses, which informs about the news of individual brands on the shelves of this drugstore. Thanks to this, employees get an overview of what is new on the market and what it offers to customers.

And it doesn’t have to be just about products. “For example, Czech Airlines can have an interview with the owner of a travel agency in its company magazine, and this relationship can also be optimized for business,” explains Brabec. Similarly, the magazine is forced to send a relationship with all business partners.

Sv msto mi zbava

The company will only inform me about itself, which is an example of the magazine esk spoitelny Trendy. Unlike the house, it focuses exclusively on information about its own products, projects and ambitions. Interviews with full employees are accompanied by well-known people who characterize corporate culture, such as prominent athletes and artists. It is a gym and texts about sponsorship projects or charitable events.

The drugstore is more about teambuilding – interviews with its own employees about their ends, skills and experience in companies. It represents new and commemorating those who celebrated their tenth anniversary. Do not avoid curiosities or curiosities from individual branches, and report from trips and seminars often by the employees themselves.

Don’t miss either Trendy or dm + Plus. Recipes, metals, puzzles, photo reports from corporate events and English have a lot of space in both magazines.

Flash in front of partners

However, even excellent content can be damaged by incorrect graphics or an inappropriate name. So it leads me to the fact that the magazine was popular with employees.

Graphics that do not attract, and the wrong packaging can go wrong with those in front of whom the company should flash its magazine – that is, in front of suppliers, customers and business partners. At the same time, they can co-finance the magazine, for example dm + Plus has, in addition to the editorial office, also a chamber space, which is used for advertising by their suppliers and partners – cosmetics manufacturers.

Dleit are emotions

Although the main purpose of the magazine is to inform about changes in the company, it does not mean that it must be fully published and dry text. “Even strangers can be communicated in an engaging way,” says ARA President. “The basic rule is that lyrics must never be inanimate and must have positive emotions.”

Therefore, it pays to work with professionals who are familiar with the public. You can even give them the production of the entire magazine on kl. It is the easiest way that will not cost the company much energy. On the other hand, it is not necessary to increase the cost by the fact that the entire production is outsourced to some advertising agencies. “All you need is their advice on how to make the magazine attractive,” Pavel Brabec recommends. The texts can then be taken care of by a member of the editorial board, which does not even have to be large, if the employees themselves are able to contribute to the magazine.


the magazine does not need a company with a hundred employees. I am able to inform me about you personally.