Andrea Hendrichov is a mother-in-law, taking care of two children, but she managed to start a company. I have an online store that offers very cheap wedding dresses. She joined a company in a field with which she had no experience.

Andrea Hendrichová

Now Andrea Hendrichov and her friend own the Marry Wedding Studio, in which she offers wedding events for the same price as for the day. Let them be worth six thousand crowns.

She did not go to mateska with her first daughter, she worked for a company that equipped stores. She knew it wasn’t something she wanted to give her whole life. She started thinking about business, because due to her children she could not work for eight and a half hours a day.

“At a time when I was looking for different things for the baby, I turned to online stores. Above all, auction servers abroad, where you could find interesting things in the middle of a pension, ”recalls Andrea, who is now a mother with his second daughter. At that time, she met another mother – Libu, with whom she met tips for dtsk servers. While browsing after them, pages fell abroad, where they offered cheap wedding and social at. “It simply came to our notice then. However, we were not able to immediately estimate whether such a business would be successful in the Czech Republic, ”said Andrea Hendrichov. They tried to publish a fictitious offer on Czech servers: wedding dresses to order, even according to the photos. Price 6,000 crowns. And they were surprised at how well they responded.

Suppliers naly vn

They decided to start a business outright. They went to the wedding fair to get more acquainted with the field. Then they started an online store together. They gave him the name Marry because of the meaning of the word in English. It means “get married”.

They started looking for suppliers to order on foreign websites. They poured it in n. ”We chose him from many others because he seemed the most credible and there were good references to him. We got an e-mail for him, offered him cooperation and he drank, ”to Andrea.

The owners of the online wedding salon preferred to be careful at the arrest. “In the picture, the hunter does not find out how good he is and whether there is enough attention and detail. I therefore submitted several samples at last. We wanted to compare them with what we saw at trade fairs, ”explains Andrea.

They were surprised at how they were made of quality materials. They could not offer them, they had to issue a “paper mill”. Andrea Hendrichov renewed her trade license and inquired at the Ministry of Trade about the necessary documents and permits, which are needed to import textiles from it. “It wasn’t easy at all,” k.

aty XXL? dn problm

They are always waiting, and they will get orders for several pieces, mainly due to the number of discounts. Then half order into it. “Zjemkyn must be confused. We require about ten and fifteen mr. It is important that the actors really fit. The coincidence is that the supplier uses any size – even super oversized. Chubby could explain how to get a wedding dress for their figure. And when they just happen, they aren’t according to their ideas. “

Women can choose colors and their combinations, different styles and variations. nsk vrobce uije ve. “Most often it looks like the pickers choose the specific pictures in the photo and say: That’s exactly what we want.” You can also order accessories for the atm – crowns, development and decorative hairpins and hairpins. Ve is ready to ship within about six and eight weeks from the completion of the order.

I want to open a bridal salon in the fall

After the goods arrive in the Czech Republic, the customers come to try it at one of the companions’ houses. This bag is not fully ideal. “That’s why we started looking for non-residential space. And pour it. In the autumn, we will open a small wedding salon, which will serve as a showroom, warehouse and rehearsal room. ”

In the meantime, they can afford to offer at low prices. Write only a small commission, because they are not due to the sale to go so much financially increased. They have a parental contribution and a living man. “We want to make a name for ourselves and ensure that our customers recommend us according to,” confirms Andrea Hendrichov.