Did you take the car on a lease as well as on the vr and find yourself in an unfavorable financial situation? Have you once or have you been left without work? Problm. If you do not want to drink about the car, take immediate action.

If you pay for the car and you are without pensions, contact the company that provided the loan or rent a car from you as soon as possible and explain your situation. Try to agree on a postponement and a dream installment. Do not sweat the bag with the fact that they will provide it automatically; do not have a claim on such a lion.

They just take the car back

So what happens when a company doesn’t join a different calendar? You can terminate the contractual relationship yourself. Other settlement procedures will be for vru and other for leasing. The company that provided you with the door, sell it, and sell the car and pay the one-time debt. If you just lend in installments, the bank will be judged in an extreme situation or will be ready to stand up if it needed it.

The leasing company has it simple: ride on its property and it will simply take it back. Such a case was not small, said the first Ivo Jahelka. Compensation or for the client in case of favorable leasing the company has in the conclusion of the conclusion of a contract for the payment of early profit and often for a contractual penalty. If you have made a low down payment (the first special installment) at the end of the lease, it may happen that you will even top it up.

A similar balance of orders if the car is destroyed in a traffic accident or is lost in a carriage. At the moment, a certain plastic is the insurance indemnity from one’s own accident insurance or from the obligatory liability of the driver who caused the accident.

You can be insured to avoid getting into financial distress due to illness or unemployment. You take out the insurance installment with the seller at the same time as the leasing or credit agreement. The price of the insurance ranges from one to six percent of the installment and the salary together with the installment. As an insurance event, both illness and loss of employment are defined. Do not suck before the insurance company will not apply when you go to bed with angna, but not immediately after you lose your job. The period within which you will have to meet the debt of yours is 60 days. Only then will the bundle take over the bundle. The insurance is thus suitable for everyone when you have a reserve or good friends who will help you grow for the first two months without income.

Insure the disease yourself once

In the case of illness, it is possible to supplement the lost income by insuring the daily age in incapacity for work. It may not bring pensions right away, but karenn lhta bv times, the insurance companies usually start sending pensions by msci. Arrange two times, pay for the bag. Anyone who enjoys a lot of income will not be foolish, even if they take a classic link once.

When the client loses his job, in a mountain situation a separate insurance of this type cannot be arranged yet. He has to rely on the pensions he has for such a case. According to financial adviser Miriam Hankov, the family should have at least twice as much money as an available reserve.

When fuses will help

A – ztrta zamstnn
When concluding the level of the contract, you can arrange an insurance payment, so check the bag with the fact that the insurance company will pay for it and after 60 days of unemployment

B – incapacity for work
agree in a contingent payment
You can also arrange a daily living allowance in case of incapacity for work, the condition is regular reception of time
read the insurance premium once to cover the daily allowance, the insurance company will pay two times for the insurance payment and the daily payment

C – vehicle stolen or destroyed
accident insurance is a set of lease payments
whoever takes it should consider at least the insurance in case of theft or other event