This year, the Navrtilov decided to build a family house according to a type project with a budget of 3 million CZK, a year ago they bought the land and now obtain a building permit. They have K 1 million in cash at their disposal and the rest of K 2 million they would like to finance through housing. How to do it?


Jana (35) and Petr (38) Navrtilovi lived in the regional city in their own three-room apartment (thorn price approx. 1 million CZK). They have two children 12 and 10 years old. Petr vydlv 28 000 K and Jana 12 000 K istho msn. They have a years old car for which they just paid the lease. At the end of 2003, they opened 4 nov building spoons, each with a toll of 250,000 K (they considered financing new housing assistance in the form of a building society).

When looking for a suitable booth, they are also interested in the offer of the combination hypotenho vru with a life-insurance investment, mainly because the wall is no longer limited to private pensions. When determining the investment profile, the client developed an aggressive type of investor.

Poadavky a cle

  • Provide financing for the construction of a family house
  • To secure Peter as the bearer of the greatest income in the event of death
  • Create a sufficient reserve for private pensions within 25 years
  • Vytit existing apartment after the completion of the construction of a family house – sale or rent
  • Within three years, secure financing for the purchase of a new car
  • Prepare a financial reserve for children to study and to start independent life

General principles

Due to the fact that the income of the Navrtil family is above average, we recommended that they keep the existing building savings to create reserves for the financial needs of the children. Connect to the achievement of human resources and thus maximize the provision of local support. After the apartment is vacated, the existing apartment will be sold and the apartment will be sold in one, two or two rooms and rented. Expected rental income approx. 7,000 K msn. The balance from the sale of an apartment and the income from the sale of an existing car is a link to the purchase of a new car. To ensure suitable financial housing and savings in retirement, it issued a detailed analysis:

In the current financial market, clients have a large number of different products for financial housing to choose from. One of the assessed parameters is the method of fulfillment. There are several variants, the most used of which are annuity paid or fulfilled in combination with another product, in our case with investinm ivotnm pojitnm.

1. Anuitn fulfillment of satisfaction in the fulfillment of the same amount for the entire duration of the mortgage year. The payment on the bank’s mortgage rate includes both the payment of the principal of the year and the year. The principal is met unevenly, so the debt will fall very slowly in the first years.

2. Combination with investment life insurance in that the mortgage bank is paid only for years from the amount paid, at the same time together with the investment life insurance and at the end of it the principal is paid from the paid insurance premium at once. The bank’s requirement for this type of combination is for the client to save 25% more, not in the heat.

propoty a

To evaluate the deposit, let’s imagine a mortgage bank (according to only HB), which offers these mortgage conditions for 2 million CZK. fixation years rates for 3 years and maturity of vru for 25 years:

1. for bn vr (according to ANUITA only) – an annual rate of 4.1% per annum, with at least 2 million K in the event of death (insurance premium of 2,138 K), the total monthly payment would be 12,805 K

2. for vr in combination (according to COMBINATION only) – annual rate of 3.9% ron (preferred HB for this combination), the need to conclude investment life insurance in the amount of 2 million K in case of death and the total invested amount of 2.5 million K in 25 years, the total msn installment would be 14,834 K

At first glance, the variant looks. 2 known mountains not classic ANUITA. The difference in installments and 2,029 K. In itself, it is not a family problem, so let us assume that the husband of Navrtil would be so disciplined that the difference in installments would save 25 years with an average return of 6% through investment life insurance. So in both cases we sweat the same expected input.

How will the balance be after 25 years?

1. ANUITY and investment life insurance – total monthly payment 14 834 K for 25 years to pay for the installments of the company, insurance and investment life insurance total: 4 450 200 K. On investment life insurance with a total amount of 2 029 K total 608 700 K. With an average income of 6%, they will have available for retirement on the investment life insurance 1 102 893 K

2. COMBINATION – total monthly payment of 14,834 K for 25 years to pay for the installments of the heat and investment life insurance in total: 4,450,200 K. At an average return of 6%, 4,452,118 CZK will be available for investment life insurance, after the mortgage has been paid out. they will have 2,450,200 K to retire.


For our clients, the COMBINATION is suitable than ANUITA, provided that two unknowns in our balance (the year of the mortgage rate and the contribution of the investment life insurance) will be in the levels reached by them. This is very likely, but it requires the client to take some investment risk. I will be rewarded with a bag that can be a great result!

The suitability of the COMBINATION affects, of course, in addition to the first choice, the appropriate insurance, investment strategy, a number of other factors, most of which play the role, health, income and tax of the client, the limits of insurance premiums, nronj administration, etc.

There is, of course, the risk of future legislative changes in tax accounts, which may have negative but also positive effects on the possibility and even the response, both in terms of insurance, the year of the mortgage, as well as e.g. possibly the so-called equal tax was introduced. Given that we did not calculate the tax aspects at all, they can only strengthen the suitability of the COMBINATION agreed today.

Hints and tips:

  • If you are considering a combination of a mortgage firm with a life insurance company, always ask your financial advisor to prepare accurate and clear suggestions, preferably in several variants, and have all the rocks explained.
  • Don’t forget to choose the right insurance and investment strategies for investing in life insurance. The differences are often very pronounced and you can’t find them without a good detailed sweat.
  • The advantages of COMBINATION are very individual. What is good for one client does not have to be for another.
  • Be aware that savings through investment life insurance do not guarantee money for life. The current value of the sub-units is always paid.
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