Manel Pavel and Pavel Rozinka have been filling her family for a long time, and living in a rented apartment in the run of the city does not suit their idea of ​​a suitable environment for pregnancy and raising children.
Therefore, they decided to choose a suitable place near the shop and build a house according to their ideas on a green field.

Rough construction

Current situation

Pavel (34), works as a head of the field in telecommunications with a salary of 41 thousand and Pavel (31), works as an assistant editor with a salary of 25 thousand. Both have a building connection with a state support of 25% with a fixed amount of 1500 crowns and a total of 180 thousand. Pavel has a pension fund, where he saves 400 crowns per month and the employer contributes 600 crowns per month. Pavla has only flexible life insurance, where 500 crowns is included and 200 crowns are insurance costs. Spent on the deposit book from the parents have 250 thousand.

They found land on the outskirts, including inns, at a price of 680 thousand crowns, and in the catalog of buildings they chose the type of house, where the price per key is 2.2 million crowns. They spotted on the Internet that a payment for 30 years would cost them about 14,600 crowns msn.

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Choosing the optimal financing for the purchase of land and subsequent construction. Avoid these complications with a lack of pensions during construction.
Provide yourself and your family for emergencies in case of loss of income for various reasons.
Secure property against damage or destruction.

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– financial needs do not include household equipment
– traffic outside transport costs, decline in future income to matesk
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Installation procedure

Ask Rozinka 2.88 million crowns to build a house. According to their standard, they will need another 300 and 500 thousand to equip. Their total need, even with a reserve, is in fact 3.38 miles, which corresponds to about 17,200 crowns. Their incomes (creditworthiness – the ability to meet vr) get to zskn vru.

Since they do not own another property and do not have the opportunity for someone to temporarily join their own house or apartment, they will have to acquire land and a constantly growing building. The range of condition-providing vry for housing thus lived on the so-called 100% mortgage. This means that the financial condition will provide clients with the means in the current mortgaging value of the property determined by a bank appraiser. This procedure carries many risks.

You can find more about the development of hypotenches here

Proposed construction procedure for gradual use of resources:

1. The bank released a pension for the purchase of land 680 thousand
2. The bank gave the funds at the earliest after the registration of the balance, see no. In the case of Rozinkov it was 350 thousand for a slab and the masonry was installed.
3. Dalm step is a rough construction with a fully finished roof. The raisins received 420 thousand crowns. In this phase, the building is allowed to dry.
4. Technologically, the complete distribution of water, waste, electricity, heating and security.
5. There is a great risk of material cross-section, as the building is unlockable. Therefore, it is best to fill point 3 in the autumn and in the spring to close the building. Install windows and doors. From the bank’s point of view, the real estate will increase significantly in prices and the client will receive cover for work suppliers. The Raisins spent 280,000 crowns on windows, waste and plumbing.

The number of finishing works from the point of view of the bank is not so important. The procedure should allow the bag to be approved. We therefore recommend that you carry out the work according to your importance and leave minor repairs and after approval.

6. Completed all divorces, rough works and internal plasters
7. Finished istch floors. Raisins paid 560 thousand.
8. Installation of bathroom, toilet, staircase, tiling. Dlaby a fasda 360 tisc.
9. Construction of fences and real ternu 250 thousand.
10. Equipped kitchen and gave furniture 380 thousand.

The Rozinks eventually shared 3.28 million.

In the case of gradual use, the cooperation between the supplier / works and the bank is very important according to the exact schedule. In addition, deposits will not be available for all work. Whenever the construction phase is completed, the appraiser always comes to determine how much the property has been valued and how much money the bank has released. It is up to the adrenal schedule to make the appraiser’s updates as little as possible. Each costs 1,000 crowns. In the case of Rozinkovch, the update took place 7 times.

The biggest risk is the split and unfinished work, which is not worth valuing the property. The bank then does not get enough cover to pay the pension and companies do not want to continue without paying. Then the threat stopped working at a standstill.

When deciding which of the banks would be the most suitable, it is understandable that it will not be a priority in the year. First of all, it is necessary to assess the ability of banks in the gradual use of the sentence fee, according to take into account what percentage of the balance in the loan and finally look after the one who offers the lowest annual rate.

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Hints and tips

In the budget, take into account the construction, including detail and determine the best possible financial needs.
We recommend the use of construction supervision, which will oversee the quality of construction and thermal. He didn’t have a pension.
Potent with time shifts and donate with payment terms and contract documents with suppliers.

Own resources

In the case of Rozinkov, their combined funds (250 thousand – free, 180 thousand – taken) due to the total financial needs will not have much importance in the implementation. I would recommend to keep them as an iron reserve in case of loss of income to cover the installment of the heat and it is appropriate to invest them.

I would like to focus on creating a reserve for the period after maternity leave – so that my mother does not have to look for a job shortly after giving birth. Spltky vru toti in tm half salary manela. Therefore, Pavel should spend money on the pension fund for 100 crowns per month and, in agreement with an expert, create a reserve fund not only to cover the payment of the year, but also as a preparation for children.


With this volume of bundle / heat, the lender is stronger than the city. The insurance should include clauses for death, disability and permanent consequences.

You need to insure the property against ivl risks and against krdei. Especially in some localities it is advisable not to forget about floods, floods and soils.

Do you have personal experience with the gradual erpnm of the mortgage? Follow him with the others.