The Novkov family lived in a panel house. Mr. Novk was employed by the employees and therefore decided to buy a family house in order to raise their standard of living. After several weeks of searching, they found a family house on the outskirts of the city.


The house is relatively new, so there is no need for large investments for its repairs or eventual reconstruction. Manel Novek assumes that the current apartment will sell for about 900 thousand. At the same time, calculate with this income from the sale as a castle for the purchase of a family house. The sale price of the house is 2.8 million K. I want to get the rest of the pension from the bank.

The Novkov family lived in a prefabricated panel apartment 3 + 1 in the Czech Budjovice. Manel (41) is currently working for the third year at a car manufacturer as a sales manager. His income is 27,000 K. Mr. Novkov (36 years old) works as a sales officer for the company’s marketing. The company priced it at 14,000 K msn. Dal family members are children Pavel (12 years) and Natlka (8 years).

The family does not provide any significant support. Two years ago, Mr. Novk closed a building society (year 2%, regular location 1,700 CZK / month, duty 300 thousand). Currently, approx. 47,500 K. According to the possibility to use the employer’s contribution of 300 CZK / month to the pension supplement, the contribution is 500 CZK / month.

As mentioned in it, Mr. Novk paid his pension to the construction site for two years and decides whether to take vr / mezivr or rather mortgage. Manel set up several banks and had bids made. To be precise, in all cases, bank employees offered them a classic annuity-filled mortgage with the option of using a reinsurance insurance (life insurance with a declining insurance premium). Before a few months, their known coincidence had a similar problem and they had their advice from a financial advisor. Only financial institutions are confused about this by the financial institutions, they can explain to them how they can best offer that they can take out special events or state support, which is cheaper, etc. Finally, they recommend the acquaintances and use the services of that financial advisor. .

Client requirements

Finann’s consultant was given a round of elaboration, in which he summarizes the possibilities of financial housing, total costs, the value of the client and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of individual products. The client has, according to the requirements, that the family be secured in the event of his death in any way as a breadwinner. The mortgage must be repaid at the latest at the age of 61 in Mr. Novek’s age.

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O stavebnm spoen, hypotench vrech and monostech combinations hypotench vr s kapitlovm ivotnm pojitnm, pop. building not enough was written. In this article, we want to focus specifically on two products (change only marginally), namely building savings and a novelty in the field of mortgages – a combination of a mortgage with an investment in life insurance (IP).

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vr / Mezivr: Many building societies who need to raise funds quickly to solve the housing problem, offer building savings gaps (hellish seams) to hell waiting times to assign members of the building society (ie get a daily wage from the building seams).

Anuitn splcen hypotenho vru: It is based on the principle of paying the same amount for the entire duration of the mortgage year. Spltka pitom includes both the fulfillment of the principal of the year and the year. In the first years of the last year, the ratio of the year is certainly high, over time this ratio is reversed and more pensions go to allow debt and less to pay the year (tax dispute gradually decreases).

Life risks: this does not count the file, so it does not create a chapter. It covers only the risk of death and all insurance is required for this risk. If the insurance event does not occur, the day of insurance indemnity will not be paid. It is relatively cheap.

Mortgage combination with IP (according to combination only): it is a modified mortgage in combination with investment life insurance. In this case, the repayment of the mortgage credit is secured from the reserve of the paid insurance premium;

Comparison of selected financing options

Novices need to earn 1.9 miles K. In both cases, the value of the property is sufficient to ensure. The pension makes up 68% of the property value of the property. There is also an expert opinion for both variants of the needs. As the price of an estimate for each expert is individual, we will not include it in the proposal. For your idea, the price of the estimate can be in the range of 3,500 5,000 K. The total income of the household is 41,000 K, ie. that the creditworthiness of the family for obtaining both vr is not enough.

State. spoen: In order for the spouses to be able to obtain a gap from a building society, they would have to take the following steps: to 1 900 ths. K (16,000 K). Pay the processing fee enough for the provided intermediate gap (approx. 9,500 K). We must not forget the fee for keeping the shower and the inter-level / level (2 x 290 K / year). The installment alone in the phase of the gap will be 13,808 K (7,000 K of the building savings / 6,808 K years of the gap). After 8 years, after fulfilling the conditions for the next day’s heat, it will decrease to 11,050 K for 12 years. The total period from money to payment is therefore less than 20 years. The inter-annual rate was 4.3% and the average 4.8% pa To cover insurance risks (death), life risks were chosen with a declining insurance premium. Sum of insurance costs in 159 720 K (1331 K / msc). Costs for building savings and insurance after taking into account tax disputes in 2 640 620 K (including processing fee, kept here, including state aid and year of deposit).

Combination: In order for clients to get a mortgage in combination with IP, they pay the following parameters (described in brief). Minimum income of more applicants, in which case 25 228 K. Minimum amount of applicants 23 years, maximum amount at maturity 63 years. The client must incur a premium of 125% of the value of the debt (by the end of the maturity period of the debt, in our case 2,375,000 K). The bank offers a two-tenths percent lower annual rate for this vr – 3.31% (one-year fix). Mr. Novk will pay the bank only for years 5,241 K and the principal on IP 9,896 K, the monthly payment will reach 15,137 K. The fee will be as follows: 100 K / msc will be maintained here, processing up to 15,200 K. At an average of 7%, the value of the currency expect 4,031,625 K on IP inputs. After paying the mortgage and the tax input IP (15%), 1,883,137 K will remain. To our surprise, the total costs will be only 1,309,607 K, ie less, we did not pay (after taking into account tax disputes and fees).

Special area: how to richly retire


1. The names of both variants are almost identical in the first 8 years: building 15 139 K (13 808 + 1 331), Combination 15 137 K. Break of the layer after eight years of payment, when the building is paid to 12 381 K and for gave 2 years to 11 050 K (RP will increase to pay insurance premiums will be paid only for one half of the insurance period).

2. The maximum value of pjench pensions for both types vr is 80% of the value of the property.

For 3 years, the rate for the building is guaranteed to be fulfilled at all times, on the other hand, for the mortgage, it fully depends on the policy of the NB, and thus on the years of the individual rates of individual commercial banks.

4. The cost aspect was the longest difference here, namely by 1,331,013 K in favor of the Combination.

5. Should anyone argue that the development of future legislative changes in tax legislation is not entirely clear, the results are as follows. Total costs without deductible da. the dispute reaches 2,946,730 K for the building, and 1,788,903 K for the Combination.

6. The popularity of IP is not only evidenced by the fact that it is considered among experts as the most modern product of life insurance. Thus, the statistics seem to be decisive in the developed markets (USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany) and in the long run so growing in a similar way.

Main advantages of IP compared to traditional capital life insurance (KP)

  • the insurance company does not incur as high fees as with KP
  • There is a possibility of choosing an investment strategy within the fund of the insurance company. If the selected investment portfolio is successful, the client can achieve a highly above-standard appreciation, which he would never receive from KP.
  • It takes the form of a regular investment with the possibility of deducting 12,000 crowns from the tax base

Mainly the disadvantages of IP

  • the insurance company does not guarantee the return, so the investment risk is fully borne by the policyholder

The benefits of building spoons

  • year guarantee from deposit, sttn support
  • guarantee years rates fulfilled at all times
  • possibility of pedasnho paid vru without penalty

Disadvantages of the building spoen:

  • in the long run, it can be grown in the form of spoons
  • relatively long retirement due to the pipsanm of input
  • in the event of premature termination of the contract, the loss of the amount of support
  • on the bottom vr it is necessary to reckon, the claim to it according to the law will arise no earlier than 24 months from the date of conclusion of the building contract.
You can find more about the development of hypotenches here

Hints and tips:

Investing in funds (investment programs) is currently one of the most interesting options for getting your money worked for you, securing the financial future of yourself and your family, or valuing your assets, when choosing the risk that suits you best.
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