The government wants to cut 2,593 positions next year in the ministries, for savings ranging from 75 to 100 million euros in 2020, according to the ceiling letters sent to the ministries.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition remains, despite the job cuts, the fifth best endowed portfolio with an envelope that swells to nearly 640 million euros next year.

Arbitrations have taken place. While the finance bill (PLF) for 2020 must be presented on September 25, “Le Parisien” was able to consult the ceiling letters, internal documents establishing the budgetary choices for 2020 and in particular the cuts in the workforce, planned in the different ministries.

Thus the government aims to cut 7,062 positions in the state civil service by 2022, according to information from the “Parisian” confirmed by corroborating sources. Among the main victims of these cuts in the workforce are Health and Ecology. The Ministry of Solidarity and Health will thus be cut by 1,080 jobs, or a drop of 6.1% of its workforce by 2022. From next year, the drop will be 2.2% or 396 fewer posts. These are posts in the central administrations of the ministry, not in hospitals.

The Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition will lose 1,769 positions in 2020, ie 1.8% of its workforce and 5% in 2020. In the case of reductions after 2020, this will be done after validation in the following budgets.

The Ministry of Action and Public Accounts plays the role of the “good student” of the reform of the State with 5,731 fewer positions between 2019 and 2022, or 4.6% of the workforce.

Fewer positions, increasing budgets

Some trade-offs seem at first glance more surprising than others. Thus, within the Ministry of Action and Public Accounts, the implementation of such a plan is facilitated by withholding tax. But the announcement of job cuts in the Ministry of Ecological Transition may be surprising, in a context marked by debates on global warming and a breakthrough by environmentalists in the European elections: “While the French are attached to a real ecological policy, this would have been the opportunity for the government to launch a plan which relies on civil servants”reacted Luc Farré, secretary general of the Unsa Civil Service, interviewed in “Le Parisien”.

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At Bercy, we retort that the elimination of posts does not mean a decrease in the budget for these firms. “It’s not the workforce that counts, but the investments”, assures a ministerial source. The Ministry of Ecological Transition is the fifth best endowed portfolio with an envelope that should swell by nearly 640 million euros next year, an increase of 2%.

As for the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, Bercy repeats that hospitals are not included in the field. There, the workforce will increase and its appropriations should increase by 820 million euros in 2022. The third largest increase after the Ministry of the Armed Forces and National Education.