Declarations of hires on permanent or fixed-term contracts of more than one month increased by nearly 73% in the third quarter, after their historic decline in the spring. But the trend needs to be confirmed as the resumption of activity has slowed down since the announcement of new health restrictions, including the curfew.

The increase in hiring declarations is particularly significant in very small businesses

After its historic fall last spring due to the health crisis and containment, employment resumed during the third quarter, according to data published on Wednesday by the Central Agency of Social Security Bodies (Acoss). Even if over one year the declarations of hires of more than one year remain in the red and are displayed down by 4.2%.

According to Acoss, declarations of hiring experienced this summer a jump of 72.9% which erases by its magnitude the historic drop of 40% recorded in the previous quarter. A recovery that concerns both CDD contracts (+ 75.1%) and CDI (70.4%).

VSEs more dynamic than others

Certainly, these figures are encouraging. But there are still many uncertainties, especially with regard to the sustainability of the restart of activity. While health restrictions are increasing (including the introduction of the curfew which already affects some 20 million people in France and will expand) INSEE recently estimated that the recovery was at a standstill.

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Data from Acoss shows that it is above all companies with less than 20 employees that are the most dynamic in terms of employment. The declarations of hiring of more than one month there progress by 82.1% during the third quarter, after a fall of 37.5% in the spring.

Larger companies are not left out, however, since their hiring declarations at the same time show an increase of 66.3%, even higher than their fall in the previous quarter (-41.7%).

The tertiary sector in the lead

All sectors are obviously not in the same boat, even if the recovery noted by Acoss is general. It is in the tertiary sector that the increase is most noticeable and is around 80%, without catching up with the start of the year, since over one year hiring declarations remain on a downward trend (-4.7%).

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They are also on the rise in construction (+ 58.3%) and industry (+ 52.9%). However, over one year, hiring declarations only increased in construction (+ 8.6%), with industry at nearly -11%.

Sharp drop in hiring in Ile-de-France

Over one year, hiring declarations of more than a month increase in only three regions: Corsica (+ 14.8%), Languedoc-Rousillon (+ 6.4%) and Auvergne (+ 3% ).

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On the other hand, they are declining in many others and in particular in Ile-de-France (-16.4%) that a recent study by INSEE pointed out as lagging behind the recovery in the country, due in particular to the weight of tourism and events in its economy. Less affected, Franche-Comté, Pays de la Loire or even Alsace posted declines more or less close to 3.6% over one year.