Pharmacists will bill Health Insurance 34 euros for each screening performed, doctors 46 euros, nurses 19 to 30 euros.

Pharmacists will be able to perform antigenic tests for the coronavirus on a voluntary basis.

High five. After less than two weeks of negotiations, liberal health professionals have reached an agreement on the amount of their remuneration for carrying out antigenic tests for Covid. The arrival of these tests which are faster and less expensive than RT-PCR tests must constitute a “Turning” in the coronavirus screening policy, as explained by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, to “Echos”.

Pharmacists will be paid 34 euros per test. They will have to buy the antigen collection and analysis kits themselves, the cost of which is 8 euros. They will have to be trained in nasopharyngeal sampling, separate the patient flows in their dispensary, and complete the Sidep screening database.