Jean-Philippe Dorp, President of CFA Society France, announces the launch of a new “ESG investing” certification.

Jean-Philippe Dorp launches in France the new

Its news

Jean-Philippe Dorp is launching in France the new “ESG investing” certification from the CFA institute, already recognized for its training in financial analysis. The British branch of the institute has been developing this new training for a year with the help of professionals in the sector. It includes the analysis of environmental, social and governance factors, but also on the management of ESG portfolios, which sets it apart from other existing training offers. This ESG certification is accessible to all, without the need for prior CFA certification, and already has nearly 1,300 registrations worldwide.

His journey

Jean-Philippe Dorp, 47, has been director of credit analysis at OFI AM since 2010 and president of CFA Society France since 2018. Before joining asset management, he started his career as a credit analyst at Daimler Financial Services in 1997, then HP International Bank. He became head of credit analysis and management at Solent Capital in 2006. Jean-Philippe Dorp graduated from IESEG and teaches bond management at the University of Montpellier.

His institute

CFA Society France, a French offshoot of the CFA Institute, now has around 1,200 members. The association recently hired its first permanent staff, including Bernard Compez, responsible for bringing the members’ voice to the public authorities. Until last year, he was a member of the college of the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).