Actors in the corporate sponsorship sector have recently welcomed the government’s measures reducing the tax advantage granted to corporate sponsorship. They fear that the latter will turn away from philanthropy.

Gabriel Attal announced a reduction in the tax exemption rate for donations over 2 million euros.

The government had nevertheless taken its time to deal with this sensitive issue, hoping to clear the land. The ace ! Its decision to cut down part of the tax advantage granted to corporate sponsorship did not receive a very warm welcome from the players in the sector. “It is a violent measure, which appears contradictory with the message of the government, when Emmanuel Macron called on the large groups to commit to the G7 in Biarritz”, tackle Sylvaine Parriaux, the general delegate of Admical, the association for the promotion of corporate sponsorship.

To respond to the criticisms made by the Court of Auditors and certain parliamentary reports on the possible deviation of the device for tax optimization objectives, Gabriel Attal indeed announced to the “Echos” a decrease in the tax exemption rate granted to large groups: that – this will go from 60% to 40% for donations over 2 million euros.

Savings of 80 million

Even if he denies having taken this decision to save money, the Secretary of State to the Minister of National Education and Youth explained that the cost of the device should drop by 80 million euros ( out of a total of 900 million). “An accounting measure for a derisory short-term gain and long-term consequences for the financing of the general interest”, denounced on Twitter Laurence Lepetit, general delegate of France generosity, the professional union of associations and foundations that appeal for donations.

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The players in the sector fear that this new device will distract large groups from patronage and philanthropy. “We seem to point the finger at these companies. However, it should be remembered that the large groups provide around 57% of the total sponsorship budget which is 3.5 billion euros ”, ensures Sylvaine Parriaux for Admical.

The players in the sector are already getting organized and preparing their arguments, in the hope of convincing parliamentarians during the examination of the finance bill for 2020 where the measures will be included. The only exceptions are the so-called “Coluche Law” associations which fight against poverty and exclusion, and which will not be affected by these new rules. “The government has heard from Les Restos du coeur”, welcomed the association in a press release.