Despite the 700,000 jobs destroyed in the first half of the year, the perception of the French on the unemployed remains marked by suspicion, confirms a new study by Unédic.

The French see the unemployed as victims of a situation they have suffered but still harbor suspicion about them.

Stereotypes die hard, and the second part of the Unédic barometer on citizens’ perception of the unemployed published this Thursday confirms this. More than nine in ten French people think that anyone can lose their job at any time, job seekers are still seen through a mirror distorted by mistaken beliefs. Worse, despite the more than 700,000 jobs destroyed since the start of the crisis, suspicion of those concerned has… increased.

Carried out during the second half of June, the barometer shows, like the opus before the confinement, that French people who are not job seekers still attribute to changes in society – relocations, technological developments or the search for a better productivity – the main reasons for unemployment. And that they still regard the unemployed as ” victims “ of a situation “Suffered” which makes them dependent on society, losing their skills, courage or steadfastness, but also which makes them think that they are taking advantage of the system.