The foreign assets regularization unit, set up after the Cahuzac affair and closed at the end of 2017, handled more than 47,000 cases in five years, including more than 11,000 in 2018.

The Ministry of Finance has collected more than 10 billion euros in taxes and fines thanks to the cell set up after the Cahuzac case to regularize assets abroad.

Although closed at the end of 2017, the service for the regularization of hidden accounts abroad, opened in Bercy after the Cahuzac affair to allow repentant taxpayers to declare funds placed in countries practicing banking secrecy, still processed more than 11,000 files in 2018, according to a report unveiled this Wednesday by “Le Figaro”. Some 150 agents were responsible for settling the last cases of taxpayers ready to repatriate their hidden accounts with less penalties than for a tax audit.

938 million euros in 2018

In five years, the cell has studied more than 47,000 files and has returned to the state coffers no less than 9.4 billion euros. To which are added 938 million euros for the additional cases processed in 2018.

Note that last year, less than 1% of cases concerned invoices over 800,000 euros and that the average amount paid was 132,000 euros. More than two-thirds (77%) of the assets concerned hidden accounts in Switzerland.

Better international cooperation

“France has left four and a half years for taxpayers who so wish to regularize their situation. That’s enough “, declares Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts, to “Figaro”.

While the fight against fraud now depends largely on better international cooperation, France continues to tighten its legislative arsenal to limit the loss of tax revenue and guarantee fairness with regard to taxes. A law passed a year ago makes it easier to track down tax evaders and punish them more, and other measures are to come in the next finance bill. Establishment of a tax intelligence unit, responsibility of e-commerce companies on VAT collection, blacklist of platforms: so many projects whose outlines Gérald Darmanin unveiled in an interview with “Echos” last week.

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