The subject has become essential, assures Afep, which represents the large French companies. Published on Monday, a study, which it commissioned from the think tank The Shift Project, recommends developing different scenarios internally, even the darkest.

The climate must become a major factor, integrated in the same way as economic, monetary and fiscal policy.

Faced with the climate risk, do large French companies have “a plan”? Since the Paris Agreement in 2015, and especially since 2017 and the recommendations given by the TFCD – the working group on financial information created by the G20 -, this question has been asked more and more insistently. NGOs are not the only ones to solicit them. Investors, financiers, rating agencies, regulators are pushing for how multinationals align with the international desire to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees.

“Awareness of the issues is very real within companies, the subject has become essential”, we support the French Association of Large Private Enterprises (Afep), which represents 113 of the largest French groups. In a report commissioned from the Shift Project, a think tank dedicated to the decarbonisation of the economy, Afep therefore calls on companies to develop strategic thinking “To exceed the limits of the 2 ° C scenarios”.