The executive associates investment funds with the recovery effort, a first in France

Despite the crisis, French funds invested 17.8 billion euros last year in the vast majority of French companies, according to France Invest. Insurers are preparing to entrust them with 6 billion euros in savings guaranteed by the State for the recovery, alongside the banks, a real break in relations with the public authorities.

Bercy will call on funds, in support of the banks, to irrigate SMEs and mid-cap companies with quasi-equity, by giving its guarantee, a first.

This is a first for the private equity industry in France: the State is preparing to grant its guarantee to the capital entrusted to its funds for the recovery. Or 6 billion euros for SMEs and mid-caps. Despite its 10% average annual rate of return, the industry had so far never managed to really convince the public authorities of its ability to manage the savings of the French.

“The funds have demonstrated their ability to support businesses during the health crisis, we will continue, declared Tuesday Dominique Gaillard, president of France Invest, who presented the results of the 300 French funds and steers the discussions with the State: 17.8 billion euros invested in more than 2,000 companies, including nearly 4 out of 5 companies based in France.