After a loss in 2020, the very recently renewed management board wants to focus on technological services, software, or health. With 1.8 billion euros of liquidity, it will target more restricted tickets, from 150 to 500 million euros, and commits for the first time on a floor yield.

The chairman of the management board André François-Poncet detailed his new roadmap, after a year of losses.

Analysts were waiting for Wendel to reveal its arbitrations on its largest unlisted stake, the telecom tower operator IHS, the largest African IPO expected in the United States ($ 7 to $ 11 billion). It has not happened. The investment company, which published its annual results Thursday, did not wish to return either to its valuation methods which are debated with its partners, or on a possible calendar.

In a gloomy and very competitive economic context, the executive board, which had just been renewed in a complicated context, wished as a priority to give prospects and take stock of the past year.