For François Asselin, the president of the CPME, the activity, the cash flow and the atmosphere are in good shape in the small companies whereas opens Tuesday “Impact PME”, the annual meeting of his organization. Only downside: the level of local taxes which tend to soar. “The government must put a stop to this inflation,” he said.

François Asselin, the president of CPME, calls on the government to stop “inflation” in local taxes.

So far, everything is still going well. The Impact PME fair, the new name of “Planète PME”, an annual meeting organized by the CPME, opens its doors this Tuesday in a favorable context, despite the great challenges – ecology and digital – of the moment. It’s simple, summarizes its president, François Asselin, there are three things “Which make a wealthy business manager sleep soundly: the thickness of the order book, the cash flow and the atmosphere”. From this point of view, the nights of those concerned are rather calm, he assures in an interview with “Echos”.

First, the activity remains well oriented, despite the many noises “Anxiety-inducing” –Brexit or Sino-American trade relations in particular. Extremely low, interest rates favor investment and the price of energy remains reasonable. All this favors hiring, despite recruiting difficulties at a peak. “Which makes us say that there is really something to be done in our country”, believes François Asselin, implied in terms of the fight against unemployment. This is all the more so as the framework for indemnities to labor contracts in the event of unfair dismissal has been reinforced by the recent decision of the Paris Court of Appeal, he notes with satisfaction.

“Correct” cash flow level

To play, it is still necessary to have the means and from this point of view, it is the case: SMEs benefit from a level of cash flow « correct » even if it is not enough for ” consolidate “ their own funds. The government’s desire not to blow up taxes is one thing, the gap from this point of view with German companies remains. “We still have the prize for the highest tax rate on economic players”, he criticizes.

Last part of the triptych, the social climate in SMEs is “Rather relatively peaceful”. According to François Asselin, there is therefore no contagion effect within small businesses, hotbeds of disputes in emergencies, among firefighters or teachers. From this point of view, the “Macron” bonus has something to do with it, he believes, since “More than 40% of SMEs responded”.

Tax hassles

If the nights of SME managers are going well, the days are not free of hassle, on the tax side. Ecological transition tax credit (CITE), zero-rate loan, specific flat-rate deduction (DFS) … the 2020 finance bill complies with the government’s promises but, as in every financial year, it is punctuated with targeted penalizing measures, assures François Asselin . Without constituting a casus belli, the need to conclude a company agreement in VSEs for profit-sharing or participation is not really well perceived.

The main concern relates to local taxes which, according to the boss of the CPME “Fly away”. According to him, the revenues of the CVAE or other CFEs risk reaching the same level in 2020 or 2021 as those of the late business tax. For François Asselin, it is urgent: “The government must put a stop to this inflation. “

The boss of the CPME wants to wake up the social partners

François Asselin will contact his peers from employer and union organizations this week to relaunch the autonomous social agenda, that is to say set by the social partners themselves, which is completely at a standstill. The fault of the parties themselves, according to the leader of the CPME. “We can blame the government for doing without us. We can also blame ourselves for not having swept in front of our door […] When leaders don’t want to take leadership, not much happens ”, he admits. It remains to decide on what to negotiate. “There is no shortage of subjects. The employment of seniors for example, even if it is a subject for large companies. We could also deal with administrative simplification in the social field ”, advances François Asselin.