The Ministry of Labor has invited the social partners to three first meetings from September 29. On the menu: value sharing in companies, monitoring unemployment insurance and training reforms, and the social component of the recovery plan.

Elisabeth Borne, the Minister of Labor.

Three first dates for consultations which promise to be dense and collected. The Ministry of Labor has just invited unions and employers to the first official discussion sessions to get into the hard part of the social agenda that the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, mapped out in mid-July, shortly after taking office. By the way, the ministry has grouped the 17 themes of this agenda into six defined blocks, in particular, on the deadline criteria of the subjects to be dealt with, the links between them or the need for preliminary in-depth work, has it – he explained to the social partners.

The Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, or a member of her cabinet, will open the ball on September 29 to discuss the theme of value sharing placed in the “New ways of working and employee recognition” block. On the menu: profit-sharing, employee shareholding, participation in corporate governance, etc. Note that this block also includes occupational health and teleworking subjects.

Until October 5

See you also the next day to talk about “monitoring reforms” this time. More precisely, two themes have been placed on the agenda. First, unemployment insurance with possible changes to the rules put on hold until January 1, 2021. Namely: calculation of the daily reference salary, the SJR from which we deduct the amount of the monthly allowance, degression, periods of ‘affiliation and bonus-malus on employers’ unemployment contributions.

The day of September 30 will also be devoted to monitoring the reform of vocational training and apprenticeship, while the Medef has just made public 20 proposals to review entire sections of the Pénicaud reform of 2018. The debates will focus on the financial flows of France competences (the new supervisory authority for the sector), inter-branch retraining and the pooling of training funds for the benefit of SMEs with 50 to 250 employees.

The last date set at this stage, October 5, will be devoted to the “crisis response” block through the jobs and skills section of the recovery plan, its application in the regions, the youth plan, but also jobs in voltage.

Social conference in October

Subject to dates to be set, the other three consultation blocks concern “particular forms of employment” (platforms, second-line workers, posted workers), “evaluation of social protection” (work for seniors then pensions, autonomy branch) and, finally, the “financing of social protection” (governance of Unédic, reduction of the Covid debt).

All this will be the subject of a summary and probably announcements during a second social conference in Matignon during the second half of October.

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