The Order of Physicians and its partners on Monday proposed a method to succeed in screening priority audiences in 48 hours. You will have to go through your doctor in case of symptoms.

The delays in accessing Covid-19 tests endanger the strategy aimed at breaking the chains of transmission of the virus.

To regain control over the coronavirus epidemic, some people must be tested before others. This is the slogan launched by the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, on September 11. As anyone can get tested without a prescription, waiting times have increased. The government has therefore announced that three audiences would have priority: symptomatic, “contact cases”, caregivers.

Still it would be necessary to have a manual. This is what the Order of Physicians and its partners proposed on Monday within the “Contact Covid-19” working group. The Medicines Agency, Health Insurance, the French Ministry of Health, Public Health, the College of General Medicine and the French-speaking Society of Infectious Pathology took part. This device consecrates the return of the liberal doctor, a little passed into the background since everyone can be tested freely.

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In this model, only three categories of interveners will be able to certify the quality of priority patient: Medicare or regional health agencies, which already designate “contact cases” and infectious foci, but also doctors. It is up to them to identify symptomatic people, or to direct “A health professional whose activity and circumstances require the performance of a test”, according to the statement of the Order.

A platform for meetings

Only these three players will be able to make an appointment for priority screening. They will contact a national test programming platform modeled on the one created in Ile-de-France in mid-August. It is a call center open 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Its agents have the laboratory card which undertakes to carry out a test in 48 hours for priority audiences (sampling within 24 hours, results within 24 hours). They call the nearest laboratory themselves, which in turn will confirm the appointment to the patient.

Thus, individuals will not be able to claim priority for themselves. This will probably be a shock for the 70% of patients who believe they are… while only 30% of passages would be really priority. The goal is to quickly break the chains of transmission of the virus.

People who need to be tested before surgery, executives on a business trip, children visiting an elderly parent do not therefore have a skip the line. But the Order invites further reflection, for example by resorting to antigenic tests, in order to avoid “Loss of luck”, especially for seniors who enter nursing homes or for hospitalizations.

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