The employers’ organization sent twenty proposals to the Ministry of Labor to facilitate transitions to professions spared by the crisis, with the assumed desire to revisit parts of the 2018 reform.

The automobile is one of the sectors in difficulty.

Whether the economic crisis is responsible or not, the plan to close the Bridgestone plant in Béthune reminds us of the importance of having an arsenal of measures to facilitate professional retraining. This is the whole purpose of the twenty proposals that the Medef has just sent to the Ministry of Labor with an assumed desire to question parts of the Pénicaud reform of 2018. “Our obsession is to do everything so that employees do not go through the unemployment box”, insists the number two of the employers’ organization, Patrick Martin, in an interview with “Echos”.

On the financial level first, the Medef recalls that it is necessary to add 400 million euros and not 100 million to the personal account system for professional transition training, the CPF-TP, whose budget (a little less than 500 million this year) is considered undersized in relation to the urgency and scale of the social shock. If 10% of employees threatened with losing their jobs decide to train to change jobs, the current system would not allow this effort to be funded, underlines the Medef note on the subject.