More than 10,000 agents are on the bridge, according to the director of Medicare, to ensure increasingly complex tracing with the proliferation of cases. Tests carried out in town will cost 1.6 billion euros this year. 100% support for teleconsultations will continue.

Thomas Fatome, director of the National Health Insurance Fund, has just opened conventional negotiations with the health professions.

Since deconfinement, Medicare has managed the national strategy for identifying the chains of transmission of the coronavirus (“contact tracing”), in conjunction with liberal doctors. Its agents maintain a file of zero patients and their “contact cases”. When a cluster breaks out, Medicare passes the baton to the regional health agencies to conduct the investigation. Five months later, and while the epidemic is regaining ground, return to a system that continues to evolve.

As the coronavirus epidemic gains ground, is “contact tracing” large enough to break the chains of transmission?