The management company had 1.4 billion euros in assets under management at the end of September.


The company was born from the will of Marc-Antoine Guillen, founder of the broker Invest Securities, who wanted to constitute a sort of “mini Oddo”. Authorized on April 30, 2008, Amplegest must quickly reduce its profile when the stock market crisis occurs. And in 2010, one of the founders, Didier Demeestère, left to found Talence Gestion.

But what could have been the coup de grace is actually only the end of the first act. Arnaud de Langautier, current president of Amplegest, sees this as an opportunity and takes a stake in the company at the same time as two new partners. From then on, he strives to make the company work on two legs: private management and asset management. A choice anything but obvious at the time but which finally paid off. Ten years later, many players are in turn seeking to operate a convergence between a management “factory” and a distribution network close to the end customer. Another structuring choice: the development of a meaningful philanthropic commitment. In a very competitive environment, this differentiation has contributed to the construction of the brand.

Amplegest currently manages 1.4 billion outstandings, the vast majority of which are handled directly by customers, but is increasingly focusing on winning external debt. And its recent acquisition of a 65% stake in Octo AM positions the company more than ever as a consolidator in its market.