At the end of September 2018, the company’s assets under management had reached 4 billion euros.

Marc Renaud, founder and CEO of Mandarine Gestion

It is an indisputable success for the 2008 generation. When he decided to found Mandarine Gestion, Marc Renaud was a “star of value management” at CCR Actions. The trigger occurs when Commerzbank decides to sell this entity to the giant UBS: precisely the type of employer it does not want! From the start of Mandarine Gestion, two choices were decisive. “We do not create a management company because we think that the stock market is going to be buoyant,” explains Marc Renaud.

Mandarine Gestion therefore leaves with substantial ammunition: 270 million euros of “seed money” invested by the Dassault family, OFI and La Française, which also become minority shareholders. This allows Mandarin to hold out when Tsunami Lehman hits.

Second key element: Marc Renaud does not rely on his “value” expertise alone, but from the outset diversifies the company’s activity towards other management styles. Good idea because, despite a strong rebound in 2009, the “value” style is on the cusp of a dark decade. If the company has so far struggled to develop outside of European equities, Marc Renaud can be proud of having created a recognized brand.

Mandarine Gestion has also aroused the interest of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, which took a stake in late 2017. Enough to boost the growth of outstandings.