The young shoot has grown by 105% and covers 100 million annual revenues. Health insurer launches Alan Baby, a free app that allows parents to ask doctors about their child’s health.

Alan Baby is intended for parents who often have a lot of questions about the arrival of a child.

Jean-Charles Samuelian, the boss and co-founder of Alan, readily concedes it. The year 2020 was “Non-standard”. But, for now, the health insurer has weathered the health and economic crisis without too much trouble. The young shoot claims to have experienced growth of 105% last year and reached 90 million euros in revenue.

The Parisian company claims 140,000 members and with 8,300 client companies. “We are proud because we have reached new market segments, such as nursery networks or restaurant franchises. We also signed with increasingly large companies, including two with more than 5,000 employees ”, says Jean-Charles Samuelian.