Opposed to the creation of an RSA for those under 25, the executive prefers to expand access to the Youth Guarantee to achieve its goal of 150,000 entries in this device next year.

The local missions have proposed adaptations of the Youth Guarantee to the Ministry of Labor.

The pressure for the establishment of a young minimum income does not weaken, pushing the government – which is opposed to it – to bet on the Youth Guarantee, a device that has proven itself even if it means reviewing its contours. Latest example: Socialist deputies launched a citizen consultation to “Co-construction” a bill in favor of a basic income for 18-25 year olds.

This initiative is in addition to calls from associations, parliamentarians or unions, in favor of opening up the RSA to people under 25 without resources. With the crisis, they argue, internships, fixed-term contracts or training are closed and parental assistance is reduced. The increase in unemployment still hits the young people most, who, for lack of having contributed enough, are not entitled to an allowance.


Priority to integration

Presenting his actions against poverty, Prime Minister Jean Castex did not respond to these calls but released aid of 150 euros for those under 25 and scholarship students, or 1.3 million young people. Beyond this boost, the government, which is looking closely at the situation of young people with the crisis, is betting on the measures of its youth plan and in particular the Youth Guarantee. Rather than a “dry” aid, it is better to pay compensation coupled with support, he argues.

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As a reminder, the Youth Guarantee is provided by the local Missions and is aimed at 16-26 year olds neither in employment, nor in training, nor in study (NEET according to the English acronym), without family support and whose resources must not be not exceed the RSA. Generalized in 2017, it obliges young people to embark on a one-year integration program alternating between collective phases and professional experiences, accompanied by aid of 497 euros per month.

In normal times, the local Missions achieve more or less their objective of bringing 100,000 young people into the system each year, i.e. the estimated target population. With the crisis, the government has planned to finance 50,000 more, which will undoubtedly require to relax the access criteria.

“All those who wish”

The Secretary of State for Youth and Engagement, Sarah El Haïry, asked the Youth Policy Orientation Council in mid-October to make recommendations to her for “Promote and facilitate” access to the Youth Guarantee “To all those who wish it”. The report is expected shortly, says his entourage.

Aware that the 50% jump requested will not be taken for granted with unchanged legislation, the National Union of Local Missions has already proposed some adaptations to the Ministry of Labor, for example to go beyond the principle of professional practice without delay. “Without distorting the spirit of the Youth Guarantee”, assures its general delegate, Sandrine Aboubadra-Pauly.

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