Designed to help companies bounce back from the crisis, equity loans are presented as attractive investments for insurers in a low interest rate environment. But they remind us that they are first and foremost responsible for the money of the insured.

The public authorities are counting on insurers to support businesses when the recovery takes place.

Asked by the State to further support traders weakened by the Covid, insurers are also called upon to contribute to the project devised by the public authorities to help French companies get back to the fore after the crisis.

The device, the first bases of which were presented this summer but whose outlines remain to be specified, aims to give more financial leeway to companies, thanks to participatory loans. These 7 to 8-year loans, which could represent up to 20 billion euros, are similar to quasi-equity and are intended to improve the solvency of companies by strengthening their capital. They would thus be better able to invest in a period of recovery.