The Macron five-year term was marked by a profound change in labor law, with the emergence of a “soft law” of which the health protocol concerning companies – some of which denounce the cacophony in the context of teleworking – is a major example. .

This irruption of

A presidential speech announcing the reconfinement on the evening of Wednesday October 28, a press conference by the Prime Minister to give the instructions for use the next day at the end of the day and, two hours later, the publication on the website of the Ministry of Labor of ‘a new version of the protocol applicable to companies: the administration did not delay.

Above all, the event is the revealer of a major development in labor law. There was a time when the HRDs watched like milk on fire the publication of circulars after those of a law and its decrees. These regulatory texts have given way to “questions and answers” and, faced with the epidemic, to a “protocol”.