Unlike last spring, some employers are implementing more or less partial teleworking. Pointed out by the government, some evoke a “cacophony” around the new rules governing teleworking. The UIMM, which represents industrial companies, asks for clarifications.

In companies, this second confinement is initiated in dispersed order.

Four days after the start of the national reconfinement and the government order to telework “five days out of five” – ​​when possible – companies are still hesitant to send all of their employees home.

While some large groups like AXA or Renault have chosen to keep the same strict approach as in the spring, with 100% teleworking for functions that allow it, others favor a more flexible approach. BNP Paribas is “getting organized” in this way to receive its volunteer employees on site within the limit of two days per week. “The bank has expressed the wish that employees go one to two days a week in the headquarters”, indicates a union official of the bank, who specifies that it is a “firm” wish. At Crédit Agricole d’Ille et Vilaine, no 100% teleworking. Employees were informed by email of the possibility, for those “who request it”, to telework “within the limit of two days per week and per person”. Conversely, exemptions are allowed for Crédit Mutuel to go once a week to the head office.