According to the PwC firm, up to 463,000 jobs in industry in France could be threatened if no support is put in place.

The month of March alone had an impact on the industry equivalent to that of the 1974 oil shock and the 2008 financial crisis, according to PwC.

The “next world” could be very violent for the French industry. If no support is put in place, the health crisis could jeopardize up to 463,000 jobs in industry in France, according to a study carried out by the PwC firm for the Union of industries and professions of metallurgy (UIMM ) and published this Thursday.

In its study, PwC looked at three scenarios: pessimistic, central and moderate. Depending on the case, the crisis threatens between 187,000 and 463,000 direct jobs in the manufacturing industry, including 81,000 “not created” jobs. But for the metallurgy sector alone, for example, job losses would oscillate between 123,000 and more than 300,000.

An impact equivalent to the 1974 oil shock

« In total, these threatened jobs represent 15% of industrial jobs in France. In the central scenario, notes PwC. The cabinet warns of a crisis which, without specific action, “ will lead to a further undermining of the country’s industrial sovereignty “. In particular, PwC fears that investment funds will take more control in French industrial companies.

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From the automobile to the air, the French government has already launched several recovery plans to support parts of the industry hard hit by the Covid-19 crisis. According to PwC, “ the month of March alone had an impact on industrial production at a minimum equivalent to the oil shock of 1974 and the financial crisis of 2008 ».

But while other sectors, such as catering or local tourism, can pick up quite quickly, ” jobs in the manufacturing industry will be impacted over several semesters “Warns the consulting firm, for whom” the crisis is announced over time ».