The national network of Cap emploi agencies testifies to a rebound in the hiring of disabled people in the third quarter after a collapse during the first confinement.

The generalization of the Cap emploi-Pôle emploi merger was postponed in April.

The economic crisis has hit the labor market for people with disabilities, but not more than that of the working population as a whole. This is the main conclusion that emerges from the figures published on Tuesday by Cheops, the national network of Cap Emploi agencies, which represents a quarter of the disabled unemployed. “The recovery seen in the third quarter after the collapse of the previous one allows us to remain optimistic. There was no exclusion of disabled workers ”, commented its general delegate, Marlène Cappelle, during a press briefing.

Like that of Pôle emploi, the network of Cap emploi agencies helps unemployed people with disabilities to find work and companies to recruit them, but in a specialized register where the first remains general since it welcomes all audiences. It has a few hundred antennas which have managed to recover part of the path lost during the first confinement as evidenced by the annual change in the number of placements made since January: -21% over the first quarter, -45% over the following and -12% on the third, to reach 50,650 in total.

No influx of registrations at Pôle emploi

The changes are comparable if we take only permanent hires, new activities or training, with even a ray of sunshine on the side of rapidly increasing apprenticeship contracts, driven by the very generous aid. of the State as part of the youth plan launched this summer. Ditto for aid for job retention, a service provided with the help of Agefiph or Fiphfp, the two collectors of business taxes. All this made it possible to avoid a wave of registrations at Pôle emploi at the start of the school year in connection with the very strong rebound in activity. “Rather a tendency to settle in long-term unemployment”, believes Marlène Cappelle.

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Sharp drop in the number of unemployed in the third quarter

Will the second confinement be a game-changer? For the company referent of Cheops and director of Cap emploi for the Alpes-Maritimes, Georges-Eric Martinaux, it is probable. “We focus on the businesses that survive. Unfortunately, I fear that investments will fall “, he anticipates.

In this uncertain context, the merger process with Pôle emploi, frozen in the spring, will continue. As a reminder, it provides for the intervention of Cap emploi advisers in the agencies of the public operator in certain time slots. Currently being tested in 19 pilot sites, this merger will be extended to 200 others from January for a generalization planned, at this stage, in April. An assessment of the experiment will be published at the end of November.

Recruitment still perceived as complex

A survey carried out by the Michael Page firm for Agefiph shows that for two thirds of companies, recruiting a disabled person remains complex. Knowledge of the regulations is overwhelmingly perceived as sufficient, but one in two considers that they lack information on the support and assistance available. “For lack of a clear and realistic vision of the arrangements and procedures related to the integration of disabled workers, we observe an often unfounded restraint of companies to be recruited”, analysis Frédéric Benay, managing director at Michael Page.

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