The strategic intelligence firm CEIS seals an agreement with the defense company Anticip, in the wake of the takeover of Geos by ADIT, the leader in economic intelligence. At the same time, Anticip is deepening its discussions with a view to a merger with its rival Risk & Co. Negotiations which could outline the tracks of a future marriage to three.

The recent takeover of defense expert Geos by ADIT, the leader in economic intelligence, triggered major consolidation maneuvers in the sector, which are continuing.

The shock wave caused by ADIT, the leader in economic intelligence, after the takeover of defense expert Geos, is spreading. The private military company Anticip, very active in Africa and the Middle East and in the process of merging with its rival Risk & Co, has announced its alliance with another expert in economic intelligence and cyber risk, CEIS. “A certain number of our private or state clients wish to have access to all consulting and security services in hostile areas, explain Richard Terzan and Guillaume Tissier, the respective presidents of Anticip and CEIS. Commercial synergies are natural, to meet the demands of companies setting up in Africa or the Middle East, or States that want to both define their defense capabilities and implement them on the ground. “

Legal evidence

Founded by the former GIGN operations specialist, Cyrille Peguilhan de Sartoux, in the bosom of Sofema (resale of military equipment), Anticip operates in Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria and Afghanistan for the benefit of companies and governments . It has developed its own expatriate tracking system and for four years has managed an operations control room installed and armed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Dubai and Paris. Three years ago, Anticip entered the Libyan market.

The CEIS cabinet was launched under the leadership of the enarque and sub-prefect specialist in defense issues Olivier Darrason. Last year, General Dider Castres, Inspector General of the Armies from the Marine Infantry, joined his advice, as did General of the Air Force, former Chief of Staff of the Army of the air and NATO Allied Commander, Jean-Paul Paloméros. Another strong point of CEIS, its economic intelligence “practice” is approved by the CNAPS, the regulatory authority for security actors, which enables it to deliver to its clients evidence that can be used in court, in particular litigation, and to validate the reliability of agents abroad.

Three-way marriage?

“There could be a capitalistic consequence to this alliance at some point. We prefer to start from concrete missions and not to skip steps unlike other actors ”, assert Richard Terzan and Guillaume Tissier.

The two presidents even see an opportunity if a future three-way marriage (Anticip, CEIS and Risk & Co) arises in the future. “Our lines of intervention are complementary. In high-risk areas, companies need to secure their movements and factories, but also to obtain guarantees in terms of compliance. “ In cyber defense, the expertise of Risk & Co and CEIS is also rather complementary: the first secures infrastructures and industrial sites, while the second is more expert in anticipation, cyber intelligence and security policies.

Hotly contested auctions on ADIT

But long before that, the sector is waiting to be fixed on the great unknown which interests the major clients of the CAC 40 and the public authorities, the next reference shareholder of ADIT. Six candidates are in the running to submit a firm offer: Sagard, Abenex, Amundi allied to Raise and Parquest, as well as LFPI. And the price driven by the sharp appetite for funds for the sector already promises to exceed 120 million euros.