With the return of the epidemic, all eyes are on the resuscitation beds, a vital issue. Today, 400 patients per day are admitted there. At this rate, the hospital is close to saturation. While the government had promised 12,000 beds before the second wave, the account is still not there. What happened ?

Serious coronavirus patients are admitted in groups of 400 each day to the hospital.

And there you have it, the nightmare begins again. In hospitals, regional health agencies, and right up to the top of the state, everyone’s eyes are on the hospital resuscitation counter: the number of Covid patients entering them and the number of beds available for them. to welcome. Resuscitation is the sinews of war, the ultimate line of defense against the pandemic. At the moment, patients with the coronavirus in serious condition are admitted there in groups of 400 each day.

On September 24, a thousand people had been struck down to the point of having to be intubated, ventilated, sometimes plunged into an artificial coma. Then, the epidemic took off: 2,000 on October 19, 3,000, 9 days later, and probably 4,000 at the beginning of this week. We have returned to the state of spring emergency.