As the economy is hit by the pandemic, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is considering aligning the taxation of capital more with that of income. Winds up, the managers of the first European place of unlisted highlight their role in the recovery, and the risk of flight to more accommodating jurisdictions.

The British Finance Minister has launched a tax reform project, which could lead to an increase in the capital gains tax for private equity managers.

Will the Covid-19 put an end to the comfortable tax advantages of private equity managers? Doubt grips investors in the two main unlisted markets, while Joe Biden could tackle it in the United States and the government has launched a project to review its tax policy in the United Kingdom.

The result of intense lobbying carried out in the name of attractiveness, managers are taxed less on their capital gains than on their salaries in most of the key private equity jurisdictions. But with the pandemic, governments need to bail out public accounts and make a political move towards taxpayers.