The health crisis and confinement have caused a plunge in business creation figures. A lasting decline or a simple pause? The desire to change your life, the search for meaning and economic constraints plead for a momentary halt.

The monthly figures for business creation show the sudden drop in confinement in March-April 2020.

The figures for business creation have fallen sharply with the entry into confinement. In April, INSEE counted half as many creations as in January or February 2020: just under 35,000 new businesses and micro-entrepreneurs against around 70,000 during each of the first two months of the year. If this is not surprising, what about the medium term trend. After a record year in 2019 with more than 815,000 business creations, will business creations suffer a lasting decline or, after this pause, return to their pre-crisis level?

The success, despite the confinement, of the calls for support structures for business creation is leaning towards a return to “normal”. Because the crisis reinforces two major engines of the creation of companies: the search for meaning and economic necessity. Thus, in recent weeks, the GoldUp program has advised, remotely, a hundred women who wish to undertake. Its manager, Alice Zagury, co-founder of the accelerator The Family, reports a significant creative impetus. “This crisis is reshuffling the cards so much that it is time for new entries. It shows that it is possible to change and adapt. It’s a bit: everything is going crazy, it’s my moment. ” According to her, the macroeconomic crisis does not prevent participants from advancing at their level, and from conquering their customers.